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Dr. David C. Ring

Hello. I’m Dr. David C. Ring, founder of PhilosophyOfJazz.net/PoJ.fm. Thanks for visiting.

PhilosophyOfJazz.net/PoJ.fm dedicates itself to supporting, promoting, and contributing to scholarly investigations of philosophical issues relating to jazz.

If you have questions or comments feel free to email me at dr.davidcring@gmail.com.  Also, please write  “Philosophy of Jazz website” in your Subject Heading in your email.

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Philosophy of Jazz and PhilosophyOfJazz.net and PoJ.fm by Dr. David C. Ring, et al is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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William P. Gottlieb’s photographs

Thanks to William P. Gottlieb (1917-2006) for making all of his images in the public domain per his 2006 will. The Library of Congress has a “Rights & Access Condition” put in exactly these words: “Rights assessment is your responsibility. In accordance with the wishes of William Gottlieb, the photographs in this collection entered into the public domain on February 16, 2010, but rights of privacy and publicity may apply. Privacy and publicity rights protect the interests of the person(s) who may be the subject(s) of the work or intellectual creation. Users of photographs in the Gottlieb collection are responsible for clearing any privacy or publicity rights associated with the use of the images.” See over 1600 public domain images at “Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz” at The William P. Gottlieb Collection in the Music division of the Library of Congress”

Duke Ellington & William P. Gottlieb at WINX in Washington, D.C. circa 1940 (Photo by Delia Potofsky Gottlieb)

Willliam P. Gottlieb in 1940 & 2005

Images Attribution

Thank you to these other wonderful photographers for enabling social production by sharing their work with a Creative Commons license, or no known copyright violations. Please immediately contact PoJ.fm if you find that any images are violating copyright.