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Philosophy of Jazz is an editable wiki currently in its initial stages. The most finished pages are listed under the Jazz Topics button below. Many entries are under development and others are not yet started. Please consider becoming an editor yourself and adding to the academic content of this website. Just click on JOIN US! in upper right of page, fill in the dform and submit it. After you receive a return email confirmation with your username and password, you must click on the confirmation link so the computer approves you as an editor. After approval, you can edit everything except this opening HOME page. Go to the topic area you want to edit. Do not edit the Topic/Question Headings if there is a developed webpage connected to it or it decouples that heading from the corresponding developed page. Just edit the sub-pages attached to a Topic/Question page, OR start a new Topic/Question page. TO LOGIN AS EDITOR: Click on the Personal button at top center of page and Login with your confirmed Username and Password. TO EDIT: Click on Edit button to left of Personal button. USE WIKITEXT FORMATTING: Use "Mediawiki" formatting commands you can read about by clicking on the NAVIGATION menu button on the top left side of page and scroll down to the Wiki submenu. Using your scholarly writing skills using arguments, add appropriate content. All images used need to be Creative Commons licensed.

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